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Wednesday, November 30, 2022



OPENonline's expertise in Department of Transportation (DOT) state and federal requirements and unique service offerings provide the transportation industry with the tools necessary to perform compliant and comprehensive employment background screenings.

List of Available Services Include

    • ID/SSN Trace
    • DOT Employment Verification
    • Employment Reference
    • Professional License Verification
    • Credit Report
    • Driving Record
    • Commercial Driver's License (CDLIS)
    • DOT Substance Abuse Screening
  • Criminal Reports
    • County Criminal Report
    • Statewide Criminal Report
    • Federal Criminal Report
    • National Security Report
  • Education Verification




Staffing Industry

In addition to great customer service, OPENonline offers a wide array of products to fill all my business needs. Their information is up-to-date and accurate. In a world where a mistake in checking a background can become a sizable liability, this is an invaluable quality. 

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