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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Drug Screening: Tips to help you understand the results!

Drug Screening: Tips to help you understand the results!

We often have customers contact us because they don’t understand the terminology in the results of drug screenings for their current or prospective customers, and they look to us to help make sense of it. The language can be very confusing and it changes quickly as candidates find ways to circumvent tests to mask their drug screening results. Our partners at Quest Diagnostics help us understand the complexities of drug screening and the results, and they recently sent us an article concerning various states that are implementing bans on the use of synthetic urine. Hopefully, the increasing legislation will reduce the use of synthetic urine in the future. In the meantime if you are receiving reports noting discrepancies in creatinine levels, specific gravity, and/or oxidizing adulterant, you may refer to this Quest Validity Testing article as it does a great job of explaining key terminology related to urine testing. If you would like more information from us, or to find out about our drug screening programs, please contact us here.

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